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Estimating the size of anti-vaccination movements

Estimating the size of anti-vaccination movements

February 19, 2021

Are 'vaccine hesitancy', 'vaccine skepticism' and 'anti-vaccination sentiment' synonyms? Do people who say they doubt vaccine safety always refuse vaccines? In this episode Eva and Daiva discuss the challenges researchers face when trying to estimate the size of the anti-vaccination movement and the number of its sympathizers.

Our interviewees are: Prof. Maya Goldenberg, Dr Jonathan Kennedy, Prof. Jason Reifler, Dr Samantha Vanderslott. We also thank Col. Gintaras Koryzna for providing valuable data. You can read the Slate article we reference here. In addition, we refer to the Wellcome Global Monitor 2018.

Do read our story in Nara: Lithuanian readers can find our story on vaccination in electoral debates in the February issue of the IQ magazine. Our research is supported by

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Welcome to The Inoculation

Welcome to The Inoculation

January 22, 2021

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We publish our stories in news outlets in multiple languages, and as a listener of our podcast you will learn how we got there, what often goes underreported, and what geeky details didn’t make it into our publications. Our research on vaccine skepticism is supported by

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